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I wrote a poem about Men's Rights Activists


I don't have women
I just think they are whores
Fat, lazy, slobs
No! I wont open the door!

Women oppress me
When they openly detest me
They are all whores because
They won't have sex with me

I mean really cunt! I bought you a meal
And made you listen to me "nice guy" spiel
So give me a blowjob
What not? Are you for real?

What? You expect me to have a job?
To have drive & ambition
& not be a slob
shut up & listen

Your a fat fucking bitch
With scraggly blue hair
So you got raped
Tell someone who cares

Couldn't pay me to fuck you
though i do need the cash
Got fired you see
For my porno stash

The only thing i care about is me & my dick
I wont put it in a slut
That don't look like a stick
Its not my fault, society is sick

I complain about marriage
That its a bad deal
Getting a wife from Thailand
Hope the bitch is real

I bitch & i whine
In my copious time
I could leave the house
But insides just fine

Its every bitches fault
That my life sucks
Not my responsibility
To get out of this rut

I don't hate women
I just think they are whores
Fat, lazy slobs
No! I wont open the door!

Tumblr girls
I am woman
I am weak
I am shallow
I am not meeek
Being victum is all i know
protect me from the internet trolls!

Men oppress me
yes they do
when they don;t like
my gia tattoo

i am woman
i am prude
don;t tell jokes
that might be rude

don't sexualise me
do not stare
at my breasts
that are barely there

men are evil
men are bad
why don;t they like me
it makes me sad

my body is fat
my brain is small
my ideal man
is a six pack & tall

the patriarchy oppresses me
slut walk will liberate me
off goes my clothes
why wont you respect me?

I am woman
i am week
i am shallow
i am not meeek
being victim is all i know
protect me from the internet trolls

I don't want to live in a world of feminist men
One of the reasons i dislike the current feminists movement is because they seem hell bent on creating the sort of men i don't want to date.
Lets make men less aggressive, less competitive, more sensitive & caring more like women. Well I'm sorry but if i wanted a pussy I'd be a dyke. I like aggressiveness in men, i like a man that, in theory would be willing to bash the shit out of some other guy to protect me. Its a primal primitive part of my brain that looks at say, the likes of Vladimir Klitchko & thinks
" That guy looks like he can crush someones throat with his bare hands!Thats hot."
Its not that i want a thug or a criminal. its simply that i want someone with an element of caveman masculinity. All : gender neutrality" is doing is creating a generation of " Nice guys" who are more manipulative than truly since they soon become Men's Rights Activists when they discover that girls don't want to get with them. Women have calendars of Firemen half naked. No one has calendars of half naked champions of Magic, The Gathering.
& since feminists have such a dislike of masculinity in general should we really be taking advice from them on how to conduct our dating lives? Personally i have found that the most happy men are not the ones constantly berating themselves for their innate behavior but the men who go fishing & drink beers & play football. Often it is these men that are truly nice to me & treat me with respect but maybe that's because they are allowed to respect themselves first.

asking men on dates
I have come across this idea that if women asked men on dates they would be more sympathetic to men in the dating area.

Its a filthy lie.

If anything asking men on dates has made to LESS sympathetic to the wimpy men that like women but never ask them out. A few times I liked someone & I liked someone so much that I risked humiliation to ask them out & they said no.

But guess what? At least I had the balls to do it & I don't know how men cannot because for me I got to the point when I couldn't stand limbo anymore & I just had to ask them. So I cannot understand how men can just live in limbo never knowing & never trying, especially when it is MORE acceptable for men to ask women out than vice versa.

So for me if a guy likes me but never asks me out I actually grow to despise them.

why women are partly to blame for Fedora wearing "nice guys"
We've all encountered them, had to listen to them whine & bitch about women not liking them because they are " nice" when in reality they are either jerks or wimps. But women, we have to acknowledge our part in this plague.

More women need to be brutally honest in why they reject men. Instead of trying to let the poor sap down gently with " your such a nice guy but I just want to be friends." they should say,

" Your a jerk/wimp who smells like dead fish & the fact that you keep comparing me to your ex girlfriend is kinda creeping me out."

because really no one actually rejects someone for being nice.

Suck a dick Campbell Newman

The people spoke & what they said was " we hate you so much that we would rather elect people with no policies & no experience than put up with your bullshit for another 3-4 years.

I had to vote today. I didn't want to get a fine. The founders of my country knew that if they didn't make voting a legal requirement no one would vote. So anyway, I turn up at the polling station with my ID - This is the first election we have ben required to even have ID.
The old hag types into her computer and then says I am not on the role so I have to go to another table. I go to the other table and the woman starts filling out a form writes

First name Middle name

then types into the tablet and says I don't exist. I say that's not my last name. My last name is
%^^&&*(. so then she gets another form and writes.

Last name middle name

No I says my name is &&*((()). she then types my AUCTUAL name into the tablet and Bavo! I exist so she has to get a different form & have me sign it THEN! I am given my ballot to vote which takes me all of 5 seconds.

Bloody Hell.

RT Documentary on MH 17

People will automatically dismiss this simply because it is made by RT. What they forget is that our media is also controlled. I have no faith in the integrity of our media or politicians. At the very least you should be critical enough to watch Russian propaganda to go with your American propaganda so you can get well and truly mind fucked.
What I find really embarrassing is the editor of the Courier Mail but what can you expect from trash like the Courier Mail?

Nazis and the Great Patriotic War
World War Two is probably one of the most propagandized & misunderstood wars in recent history. If you were to watch the average Hollywood movie you would come to the conclusion that the war was won single handily by Uncle Sam and his British sidekick. But it is too easy to simply blame Hollywood. I remember learning about WW2 in school & the focus was on the Nazi atrocities against Jews & the Pacific War. I cannot remember anything being taught about the war in Eastern Europe.

This is rather shocking when you realise that front line in the east was FOUR TIMES that in the west. That 8 out of 10 Germans were killed by the Soviets. That the USSR lost 27 million people.

Another thing which was not taught , which I think is detrimental to westerners understanding of the present situation in Ukraine is that the Nazis didn't just target Jews & Gypsies for annihilation but the Slavic people of Eastern Europe.

Hitler's plan for the USSR was to starve its population to death & steal its land. Poles & Russians & the Asians of the USSR were considered subhuman. This is why the German Army was given permission to commit atrocities in the east that did not happen in the West. 700 villages in present day Belarus were burnt to the ground with all their inhabitants by THE ARMY.
The western POWs had about a 5% chance of dying in captivity since in the west Germany abided by the Geneva conventions. In the east the death rate was at least 60% and in some cases 90%. Men were herded into barbed wire pens and left out in the open with no food and no water-though sometimes they would throw in a dead dog to watch the starving men fight over it. Jews & Muslims were shot on the spot. Later POWS and civilians were put into concentration camps. The first victims of the Nazis gas chambers were Polish & Russian POWS.

To the people of eastern Europe Hitler's Eugenics were directed at them. The second world war is seen as being against them. Nazis tried to wipe the Slavic peoples off the face of the earth.

In the Ukraine there were collaborators. Some western Ukrainians sided with the Nazis and assisted them in killing Jews & Russians & Poles. These groups continued to terrorise the populace long after the war ended. It took the Soviets about ten years to fully wipe them out.

Now think of what the EU & the USA have done in Ukraine. The united states spent 5 billion dollars trying to install their puppet government. To do so they sided with the Neo-Nazi fraction of Ukrainian politics. The sort of people that shout slogans like
"kill the Russians!" " Russians on knives!" and call for killing the Russian inhabitants of the east with nuclear weapons.

The USA not only violated what the Russians see as their sphere of influence - which is a dick move in itself. They did it by using the same people that tried to wipe out the Russian people. The same people that lead to the deaths of 27 million Soviets.

Dick move Uncle Sam. Dick Move.

of lenningrad and western santions
The Media has lately been gloating about the fall of the Rouble and the crash of the Russian economy. It is an open secret that the Empire of Chaos is hoping that a sinking economy and a fall in the standard of living will push President Putin from power. This may happen or it may not happen but westerners will do well to remember Lenningrad.

During the siege of Lenningrad 1942-1944 The German army failed on two accounts. Firstly they failed to take the city & secondly they failed to break the spirit of the people(or the iron grip of totalitarianism depending how you look at it ). The German army fully expected the populace to try and break out of the city but there was never any attempt. The Germans also expected -& not just fort Lenningrad but for the whole of the Soviet Union- that the hardships of the occupation & the incompetence of the soviet response would turn the population against their government & against Stalin.

If anything hardship made the people more determined to resist the invader. As awful as the communists were, the Nazis were worse. Communists just shoot you, they don't try and turn you into soap.

Westerners seem to forget that although Russians are (majority) white they are very different culturally to westerners. No one expects the Chinese to act like Americans but everyone expects Russkies to be Yanks. So when Russians act...well Russian people in the west react with outrage HOW DARE THEY! but then quickly find something or someone to blame this on. During the Cold War it was Communism - Its only communism that makes them like that! once they accept democracy they will be like us! Now it Is Mr Putin. Its big bad Vlad holding them captive! once we get rid of him they will be like us! This ignores both the popularity of President Putin - 80% + and the enduring popularity of the communist party.

So in conclusion to this rant, Russians are not Americans or Canadians' or Austrtalians. They have their own culture & their own history and assuming that they will act or respond the same way as us is both foolish & ignorant.